My Foodie Resources

Hey there! Recently (past 5 or so months) I've really been changing up the way I eat.

Why, you may ask.

Honestly.. I don't have lot of food sensitivities or allergies. I'm not going vegan or vegetarian. I do however have a fairly common hormonal disorder, PCOS.

1 in 10 women will suffer from this or it's counterpart endometriosis. In short, my hormones are FAR out of whack. And unfortunately for me and the countless other women who suffer from this, these problems effect every single part of our body. From weight gain, to skin and hair, to name it.

Since these issues are at present, incurable.. all we can really do is try our best to control all the symptoms.

This has been Quite the learning curve for me. But in my endless research I've been able to compile a great list of food resources!

Here we go!

Alrighty, this one is a NO-BRAINER. Not only does it give you the option to choose Exactly the type of meal plan you're on (Mine are, no gluten, no dairy..sometimes meatless) BUT, it also allows you to place these recipes into a meal planner that you can download, print out and stick on your fridge! GREAT for meal prepping! AND if there's a recipe you don't see on their problem..find it online and stick in that URL code to add it! BOOM! For visual people such as myself this is SOOOOO handy.

Ok, I absolutely ADORE this app. Yes, you read that's an APP. And it makes grocery shopping So easy! It also has the meal planner portion for those of you who like to have everything all-in-one! You can make your own community for specific types of meals and you can meal plan with those recipes..then...IT ADDS IT ALL TO YOUR SHOPPING LIST, ORGANIZED BY AISLE. I don't think I need to say anything else here. You get the excitement.

Did you know that you're actually supposed to be eating seasonally? you do. This website is So user friendly! Just plug in your state, time of year and what produce specifically or all together that are currently in season! Perfecto!

Ok, this one is slightly different. It's an Instagram account/community. You can join The Cysterhood and get Tons of resources and meal plans for people with PCOS. Honestly, this is just a great resource..go check her out. You'll thank me later. (hint: she goes over the appropriate foods to be consuming if you're suffering from hormonal issues)

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