Laramie, Wyoming Where??

Updated: Jan 5

Life Update Everybody: Welcome to Laradise!

Yes, I moved. I'm now in the Wild Wild West and LOVING it! Aside from the tragic forest fire that has been raging for the past couple of weeks..this place is amazing. It's a cross between western charm and hipster college town. Being home to the University of Wyoming this is to be expected! I'll be throwing updates on Instagram of all of the amazing places there are to see here and all the interesting things to do! If you've never heard of Laramie..don't be's just another hidden gem in our adventurous world.

That all being said, I'm taking a poll.. What would you all prefer to know about? Airbnbs, local restaurants, hiking, camping, adventure travel, livability? (side note: Laramie is rated one of the top destinations to retire to..I'll be covering all the reasons this does not mean this is a sleepy boring city, it's bustling!) Drop a comment below and let me know! (Another side note: It's SUPER cheap to live and travel here)

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