Emily's 4 Rules of Thumb ... When it Comes to Moving

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Growing up a military brat and constantly being uprooted around the US gave a sense of urgency if you will. It's like..after about a year or so in one place I feel as if I HAVE to leave it. It feels somehow wrong and suffocating to stay... I know my fellow brats will understand this feeling. You end up feeling the most like yourself surrounded by strangers in a strange land. It's like this overwhelming drive to pick up and head on out. I've tried many times to explain what goes on internally to friends of mine that grew up in the same place their whole lives. It wasn't something I could fully form into words.. it's just one of those things that you have to experience for yourself. We are the brotherhood of the uprooted.

But I digress..

Here's what my countless new homes and locals have taught me about moving.

Rule 1.

Stop being so sentimental. You can't keep every scrap of paper and every single homemade, broken item because Jo Shmo gave it to you in a kind gesture 30 years ago. It's time to clean house. It's time to let some of these things go. Keep the memories, lose the crap. *apologies to all Jo Shmos, you have a lovely name. And another thing! If the item that you don't really need is still useful to someone.. you have two options. A. SELL it..gain some of that value back and be fiscally responsible. B. DONATE it, be generous and help a brotha out. *also recycle responsibly

Rule 2.

Label your boxes by room!!!!!!!! I REPEAT...Label By Room. If you're doing this in any other fashion, you are in fact doing it wrong. You will thank me later. I have made the mistake of just throwing junk into boxes and calling it good. Don't be like yesterdays Emily. Be like today's Emily, she knows better.

Rule 3.

Personally..I hate moving boxes back and forth, lugging them up every staircase, through narrow doors etc... HIRE MOVERS! I'm tiny.. trying to get a couch through a vintage doorframe will potentially kill me in the process. Also, if anyone expects me to drive a moving truck clear across a city let alone the country... they probably have a death wish. There's no way I'd come out of that experience alive, let alone anyone else on the road. Instead why not hire a reliable service like Gameday Moving Services Houston! Finding a trustworthy, reliable and efficient service to get you to where you need to go is really the most paramount of these rules of thumb. Long Distance Moving in Houston, TX is also a great option for those of you going a little bit further. YOU HAVE OPTIONS! WooHoo!

Rule 4.

Ok, you made it this far.. you've gotten rid of the unnecessary waste/items in your life. You've labeled those boxes and packed them like a pro! You've hired a great team to transport your life in boxes. Now what's left.. ?

You guessed it..


What I like to do is take the labeled boxes and put each into their designated room. Once that's complete, I start with the most necessary items first. Like bedding and bathroom essentials. That way I have somewhere to sleep, somewhere to brush my teeth and possibly always have a cup or water bottle with you. I tend to get very dehydrated while unpacking. This is probably due to forgetting to drink or eat..or even stop ..until I'm all done. Stay Hydrated People!

My last piece of advice is to the millennials. It's ok if you've moved 8 times in the past five years. That doesn't make you a flake. That doesn't make you unstable. That doesn't mean people can't count on you. Some of us were designed to be nomadic. To be constantly on the move. We feel the most like ourselves while following a moving truck from Gameday Moving Services Houston or standing alone in the middle of crowded airport. We crave the unknown future and the possibility that anything can happen. That we can end up anywhere. That we don't have this prewritten existence that we already know each and every decision we'll make. What regrets we'll carry and what blunders we'll create. What will make us stand in awe and amazement. So make that move, hire a great service like Long Distance Moving in Houston, TX and hit the road! Just do it! Where did you always see yourself as a child? Where did you think you would end up? Do the people make the place for you or does the place make it for you? Try something new. Go Live and Be Bold. But don't break your backing trying to move that couch. Seriously, hire some movers.

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