Drug Store Face Oils (Vegan or Organic)

Updated: Jun 15

Not all oils are created the same. This being said they should all be doing the same thing to your skin. A face oil is meant to deeply hydrate, soothe, brighten (a glow if you will) and enrich your skin. So the right ingredients in your oil is paramount! This first review will be over 4 different drug store face oils and their outcomes.

*Please remember that all skin types are different and just because one person doesn't react to something doesn't mean that will be the same case for you.

Let's get going!

Product #1

Milani Green Goddess Glow Oil:

This oil was particularly heavy and penetrated deep into my very dry skin. I had no negative reaction as the oil went on almost like a castor oil. This definitely gives a glowing effect. I would recommend this for people with dry skin or live in a dry environment. Probably wouldn't be great for a teenager with acne prone skin as this is a fairly heavy oil. Infused with essential fatty acid-rich, organic Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil.

4 out of 5 on the Emily Scale!

Product #2

By Nature Vitamin C and Turmeric Face Oil:

This was definitely a lighter oil and went on smooth. The color is a bit alarming as it looks like it may stain. (If you've ever used a turmeric product on skin it often turns you yellow) But have no fear, this one didn't stain my skin a bit. This set in well, wasn't the least bit greasy and I had no negative reaction to it. I would recommend this for normal to combination skin. Infused with brightening Vitamin C, Turmeric Extract and rejuvenating Collagen.

4 out of 5 on the Emily Scale!

Product #3

Cleen Beauty Vitamin C and Papaya Glow Serum:

This one went on light and honestly, a bit sticky. The applicator and bottle were very cheap and caused a mess when applying the oil. I wanted to love this one because of the addition of papaya but I just didn't. I didn't have any negative reaction but it didn't seem to give any sort of hydration. It did however make my skin feel extra soft. I don't think I could give this product my recommendation at this time. It definitely needs some work. Formulated with Vitamin C, known to brighten and reduce the appearance of dark spots, and papaya for its natural exfoliating properties to help buff away dead skin cells. In addition, licorice root and ferulic acid are used to improve the skin's natural glow. The serum is also infused with turmeric providing the deep orange hue.

1 out of 5 on the Emily Scale!

Product #4

Shea Moisture Brighter Days Ahead Serum:

This one went on with medium thickness and smelled Amazing! This gave my skin such a wonderful glow and deeply hydrated. I had no negative reaction and loved the fact that this came in an environmentally friendly glass bottle. I would recommend this for all skin types. This serum is made with a potent blend of Papaya, Vitamin C and Yuzu Lemon.

Winner of the list!

5 out of 5 on the Emily Scale!

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*All opinions are my own and any health related issues should be consulted with a doctor.

For Reference-My Skin Type:

I Was combination skin with issues in my T-Zone. As my skin has matured, it has gone from oily to more dry and occasional hormonal cystic breakouts due to PCOS. I have large pores, some fine lines and adult acne scarring. My skin is in no way perfect or flawless. I try out hundreds of skincare products searching for ones that ACTUALLY work.

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